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Rumata' Artspace


Rumata’ Artspace is an independent creative arts centre bringing the arts to the Indonesian people. Located in Makassar, South Sulawesi, it is run by the Rumata’ Foundation which is the brain-child of two of Indonesia’s top artists – film director Riri Riza and writer Lily Yulianti Farid. Both grew up in Makassar and in February 2011 they launched Rumata Foundation in the city of their birth as a centre to support the development and performance of Indonesia’s creative arts and artists. Rumata’ Artspace provides spaces for artists to develop and show their talents, train others, and promote Indonesian arts and culture. Since 2012 Rumata’ Artspace has been operating as a crowd-funded hub of creative activity and includes an art gallery and an open-air stage. It hosts art exhibitions, movie screenings, music and theatre performances, literature and poetry readings, and discussions and workshops, often blurring the boundaries between the various forms of artistic expression. 

The foundation’s two premier events are the annual Makassar International Writers’ Festival which was first held in June 2011 and the annual Makassar South-East Asian Screen Academy which was first held in October 2012. These events attract writers and film-makers from around Indonesia and even around the World, bringing new ideas and methods to share with Indonesian artists and the Indonesian community. Rumata’s activities are a collaboration of the work of many hundreds of volunteers, and members of government and non-government organisations, and local communities, committed to exploring opportunities to develop and grow Makassar and Indonesia as centres for creative excellence.