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Suzy is the co-owner and chairperson of The Body Shop Indonesia. She believes that all businesses should be sustainable, and is passionate that Planet-People-Profit becomes the mantra of every business person. She also the founder of Sustainable Suzy, a sustainable lifestyle channel at

Sulhan Yusuf, an activist in literature and businessman. He created a book of poetry compilation, Air Mata Darah (2015), Tutur Jiwa (2017). Now, he is the head editor for He published new book titled Pesona Sari Diri. Along with family, he is managing Paradigma Group and active in mobilizing literature movement in several regions.

Suffian is the author of two novels: ‘Harris bin Potter and The Stoned Philosopher’, a virally successful parody of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books and ‘The Minorities’, a critically-acclaimed supernatural comedy and road trip bildungsroman. Both books were initially self-published before getting picked up by Singapore-London publisher Epigram Books. In 2017, Suffian was second runner-up in the prestigious EsquireXMontblanc Fiction Writers Prize organized by Esquire Singapore magazine and Montblanc for his short story ‘Sang’, a re-imagining of the Sang Nila Utama myth.

Siska Yuanita was born and raised in Salatiga, in the heart of Java. Went to study economics but decided she loved books more than getting her hands in business management. She works at Gramedia Pustaka Utama Publisher, Jakarta, as a book editor in the fiction department since 2000.

Sirmayanti (Bunda Sirma) is a founder of Street Party Neighbourhood Community, an after school community program in GMA Community Makassar since 2016. This community provides offers recreational, educational and social activities. Hence, it conducts literary programs for family, specifically for early children in her reading garden. She is  a senior lecturer at Politeknik Negeri Ujung Pandang, the department of telecommunication engineering.

Shinta Febriany is a poet, film producer and theater activist. Her published poetry collections are: ‘Aku Bukan Masa Depan (2003)’ and ‘Gambar Kesunyian di Jendela (2017)’. She is also an artistic director for Kala Theater, Makassar and is a curator of Makassar International Writers Festival.

Prof. Sangkot Marzuki AM (Australian Medal), PhD, DSc, was President of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences, and Director of the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology in Jakarta from 1992-2014.

Safar Banggai is a writer and editor. He was born in a small island called Paisubebe, Banggai Laut, Central Sulawesi. He is a contributor for several books, an editor of Nakal Harus, Goblok Jangan (2018) by Muhidin M. Dahlan and a researcher of 100 Konser Musik di Indonesia (2018). His first short-story compilation titled Nelayan Itu Berhenti Melaut (2019). It is recently published by Pojok Cerpen. His writings are regularly appeared on national, online and local media. He is actively involved at Warung Arsip and Lembaga Kajian KUTUB Yogyakarta.

Sabda Armandio was born in 18 May 1991. He is writing and translating short-story. His first novel is Kamu (Cerita yang Tidak Perlu Dipercaya) published in early 2015. This book was chosen as Novel Terbaik 2015 (The Best Novel in 2015) by Rollingstone magazine Indonesia. The  second novel is Jam Bersama Gaspar : Sebuah Cerita Detektif, (Publisher Mojok) in 2017. Currently, he is working as Multimedia manager at

Roseanne is a poet, filmmaker and musician from Shetland. Her work is inspired by the language and landscape of her home. Roseanne was the winner of the 2018 Edwin Morgan Poetry Award, and runner-up in the 2018 Aesthetica Creative Writing Award. Her first collection, Moder Dy, will be published by Polygon in May 2019 and features poetry written in both English and her native Shaetlan.

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